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RAD 112 - Introduction to Radiography

Resources to help you research for RAD 112 assignments.

Radiology Websites

Professional Organizations

Culture Websites

News Sources

Local news sources are great places to find hot topics and current events in your community.

Search national news sources to view articles on topics and trends that are affecting the United States and the world.

Evaluating Websites

Evaluating Websites

It is especially important to critically evaluate any websites you reference because information found on the Internet is not regulated in the way that information in databases and in scholarly journals is regulated. You are more likely to run into information that is inaccurate, outdated, and/or biased. You may also have a harder time determining the origin of the information (author, publisher, whether the content is original).

Website URLs

The old standby that .com URLs are bad, whereas, and .gov are fine is overly simplified.

In health care, dates are very important when analyzing information, so if you find information from a .gov site that hasn't been updated since 1998, it is probably information you might want to scrutinize. In addition, trade publications often have .com domains, but contain valuable quality information. A lot more goes into analyzing results than just the domain.


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