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APA Style Resources (7th ed.)

Resources and tutorials on APA Style (7th ed.)

APA Guides

APA 7 simplifies formatting requirements for student papers. See the instructions below for specific formatting elements, as well as a video tutorial.

Formatting Elements

Double spacing

  • Select the Home tab
  • Under the Paragraph section, Select Line and Paragraph Spacing
  • Select 2.0
  • Select Line and Paragraph Spacing again
  • Select Remove Space After Paragraph


Font changes

  • Select the Home tab
  • Under the Font section, select Times New Roman
  • Select 12 pt.


Title page

  • With the cursor at the top of the page, hit enter 3-4 times
  • Center the cursor
  • Type your title and bold it
  • Hit enter twice, to leave one blank space under the title
  • Type the following information on separate lines:
    • Your name
    • Academic department and college name
    • Course number and name
    • Instructor name
    • Assignment due date (formatted: Month Day, Year; e.g. April 1, 2020)


Page numbers

  • Double click the header (anywhere at the top of the page)
  • Once in the header, the “Header & Footer” tab will appear
  • Select Page Number
  • Hover over Top of Page
  • Select Plain Number Three
  • Highlight the page number that has been inserted
  • Change the font to Times New Roman, 12 pt.
  • Double click anywhere on the page to finish editing the header


Page breaks

  • Page breaks are necessary to separate the title page, the body of the paper, and the reference page
  • Place the cursor at the end of the page, after all text/images/etc.
  • Select the Insert tab
  • Select Pages
  • Select Page Break


Hanging indent

  • Hanging indents are required for reference list entries that are longer than 1 line of text
  • Type out the reference list entry entirely
  • Place the cursor at the end of the first line of the entry
  • Hit enter
  • Hit tab
  • Now, the second line will be indented while the first line is still flush left
  • For entries 3 lines or longer, simply place the cursor at the end of the next line and hit enter



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