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Nursing Research

Helpful resources for performing nursing research, including journals, MeSH, & EBP.


Welcome to the Nursing Research guide!

Use the tabs to view useful information on performing nursing research using the library's resources.

Why nursing research?

What makes nursing research, in particular, so important?

  • It can make you aware of best practices in the field
  • The results can go directly into improving patient care and experience
  • It will help you to better understand nursing as a profession

Why evidence-based research?

Evidence based research can be identified by these criteria:

  • Based on detailed research studies
  • Conducted by experts and scholars in the field
  • Is not biased or opinionated
  • Shows the methodology used to conduct the research
  • Makes conclusions based on the results of the study

You may see evidence based research referred to as "peer reviewed" or "scholarly."

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